Facilities and Care

We're very proud that Catisfaction is one of only a few catterys in Oxfordshire which was recommended by the Feline Advisory Bureau. We want your cat's stay to be relaxing and enjoyable and as cat owners and lovers ourselves, we know what that means - food, warmth, entertainment and relaxation.

The accomodation

Our houses are designed to be safe and comfortable for your cats. As well as plenty of room to roam around, each house contains a heated inner room with cat flap where your cats can relax in a warm basket with their own blanket.   Your cat can also bring along their own toys or bedding if they prefer.

We have houses large enough for one, two or three cats.


We live on-site at the cattery and so your cats will always have company and 'staff' on-hand.  The houses and litter trays are cleaned as often as needed and we pipe BBC Radio 2 into each room so that your cats can enjoy some soothing music as they snooze.


We provide a scratching post and shelves or stairs to jump on in each house.  Each house comes with a view over the surrounding fields where your cats can enjoy hunting sheep, cows and peacocks without ever getting their feet cold.

The restaurant

We provide high quality cat meat and biscuits according to your cat's preference, and occassional treats are given at play time, along with strokes and cuddles.  If you want to provide your own treats or food just let us know when you book, or when you bring your cat.

Length of stay

We can cater for short and long visits, and have some visitors for more than a month.  Our simple pricing means that you don't pay extra for weekends or bank holidays.

Health and welfare

If your cat is on medication our team are fully competent and happy to administer tablets, and we do not charge any extra for this service. If your cat needs extra TLC due to injury or poor health just let us know and we'll do everything we can to make their stay a restful one.

In the event that veterinary care is needed, we work in close partnership with the Oxford Cat Clinic, Iffley vets and Bicester vets.  As well as a veterinary treatment agreement form, we always take an emergency phone number when you bring your cats to us, and we will endeavour to call you if your cat needs treatment.